Aries Food Cafe

Food to put you in a good mood !!!

Spend quality time with your dear ones at AFC Cafe. We are located in four different places: Battisputali, Soltimode, Sinamangal, and Jhamsikhel. We offer you varieties of Nepali, Newari, Indian and continental cuisine. The restaurant ensures the perfect dining experience with an array of cuisine options. The restaurant is open daily all year round from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm. The restaurant provides a wide range of menus based on demand that could include "Tash & TANDOORI" or a fixed menu with Nepali, Newari, Indian, Chinese & continental cuisine.

With over 20 years of hospitality and food service experience, RK BHANDARI Aka Ram Kaji is proudly building his restaurant businesses called GREEN APPLE (2059) and AFC CAFE (2067). Inspired by the desire to disrupt the food service industry, Rk has delivered on a concept that brings a gourmet Tandoori & Sekuwa operation into a social space of your choice and creates an unforgettable experience. He got all his knowledge and training from Hotel Management Tourism Training Centre (HMTTC). After his training, he went to Dubai & Singapore. Then finally, he started his business career.

Nepali/Nepalese cooking comprises an assortment of cuisines based upon ethnicity, soil, and climate relating to Nepal's social differing qualities and geology. Dal-Bhat-Torkari (Nepali: दाल भात तरकारी) is eaten all through Nepal. Dal could be a soup made of lentils and flavors, served over bubbled grain, bhat — as a rule rice but some of the time another grain — and a vegetable soup, tarkari. Condiments are more often than not little sums of a zesty pickle (achaar, अचार) which can be new or matured, primarily of dried mustard greens (called gundruk ko achar) and radish (mula ko achar) and of which there are numerous varieties.[1] Other backups may be cut lemon (nibuwa) or lime (kagati) with new green chili (hariyo khursani) and a browned papad (thin, crisp disc-shaped nourishment). Dhindo (ढिंडो) may be conventional nourishment in Nepal. We are committed to uniting fresh, locally grown produce with farm-raised to make the freshest dishes you’ll find anywhere.